Thursday, September 2, 2010

Panel, panels galore!

I'm now officially down in Melbourne, having just finished the first two of my three WorldCon panels nary an hour hithertofore.  Apparently a bigger city means bigger words, too.

I was on a panel regarding Games and YA spec fic with George Ivanoff, Bob Kuhn and the delightful Ben Chandler.  We ran a little off topic for the majority of the time, it seemed, since games were of interest to our audience, but it was an interesting session, and showed me many of the differences that people from varying professions can hold on the same topic.

The second panel was with the lovely John Rotenstein and the enigmatically named PRK, who were both wonderful conversationalists.  The subject of that panel was The Social Aspects of Online Games.  We discussed World of Warcraft, Facebook games and all kinds of magical social niceties.  And, best of all, we had fun.

To summarise my main points from both of the panels, in case you couldn't make it : make a fun game, not a demographic-targeted game (the same goes for YA spec fic!) and don't play Facebook games, they're evil.

I'm on another panel on Sunday afternoon, called Play the Story : Videogames and Narrative Technique, the details of which can be found in your handy-dandy bite-sized blue-covered WorldCon programme.  But now, alas, I'm off, since I have a late-night tour of the haunted areas of Melbourne booked, and then another fantastically busy day tomorrow.

As soon as I get some free time, I'll also be posting my thoughts on Dragon Quest IX for the DS, and I intend to post a summary of the main points from each of the sessions I attend at the end of each day, as well.  It's going to be a busy blogging week.

As a point of interest, there is a pancake machine in our hotel breakfast restaurant.  You remember those old dot-matrix printers?  It's like that, but pancakes come out.  This may be the best hotel stay ever.

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