Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interlude : Pictures of no importance

My notes from today are in such a state of upheaval that I've decided to do the brave thing and go play Dragonquest 9 before I fall asleep, rather than trying to fix them before I clonk my head into the beautiful marble desk I'm currently typing on.  So, in lieu of an actual post, please enjoy these pictures of Melbourne, which show nothing of the city, but wonders of its minutiae.

Sky tables!  Coming soon to an alternate reality near you!

Strange signs on the night of the ghost walk.

Firefly fans love graffiti, too.

More alternate dimensions.

Under-maintained bridge struts make the best housewives.

Stuff I Have Acquired.

No fair, Melbourne.  Your comics are both more reasonably priced than and not at all available in Brisbane.  The wine was free.  The excess baggage charge won't be.  Ah, the city I leave my wallet and my heart in.

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