Sunday, August 1, 2010

The craft of the craft

This weekend has been a weekend of writing about writing.  I just got home from the Rockhampton GameOn weekend, and the first half of my blog post about writing for computer games is up at Ripping Ozzie Reads.  The second half will be posted on Tuesday.

I've also decided that, now I have an ultra-portable laptop, I absolutely adore airports and plane trips.  Well, plane trips longer than the flight to Sydney, because once they give you a drink and a muffin, and you finally manage to open said laptop, it's time to close it again.  I think I'm actually looking forward to the next time I fly to the US.  I wrote 1,300 words in my half-hour prior to boarding, and then another 1,700 during the actual flight to Rockhampton.  I'm learning I have a pretty good WPM average when I get into the swing of things.

The kids I had in Rockhampton were so bright, too.  Toward the end of the workshop, I explained, on paper, the flow of multiple-path dialogue, and they understood it right away.  They even told me when the conversation was done, because al of the nodes were linked to each other.  Such clever little cookies.  I'm a little jealous.  Goodness knows I didn't understand branching dialogue trees at their age but, then again, I don't suppose I had anyone show me how to do it, either.  Ah, well.  I hope they make some modules in Neverwinter Nights and send them to me.  That would be very exciting.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got another 1,500 words to write before bedtime - 20,000 milestone ahoy!

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