Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Writing break

You may be interested to know that I finished my chapter outline today, some 2700 words later. All in all I think it's somewhere around 6000 words, but add in character bios and world-related info and it's probably closer to 10,000. And all before I've even started writing! What's with that?

This idea of 'planning' is new and scary. I do find that I'm liking it, though. Planning ahead gives me the ability to set up mini cliffhangers for my chapter breaks, and I've managed to make sure there's something I'm excited about writing in every chapter, which has never happened before. It's usually more a case of, "Great, now my main character has to spend three chapters on a boat! Story over!" Far from getting bored with the story, which is what I was afraid would happen, I'm excited to write it, now that I know it's all going to work out. I guess it's that certainty that is giving me the drive to write this time - it's no longer a leap of faith, but a chartered road along which the scenery should still be a pleasant surprise.

Now, if I could only organise a week off from work... Well, another week off...

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