Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things that make you go lawl

As penance for forgoing me blog post last night in favour of sleep (i.e. I'm still feeling sleepy), here are some of my favourite quotes from Dragon Age so far.

Carroll: "Oh, a Grey Warden treaty! So you're supposed to be one of those. Well, I've got some papers too! They say I'm the Queen of Antiva! What do you have to say to that?"
Warden: "Aren't queens female?"
Carroll: "Don't question royalty!"

Carroll: He'll won't know if you never get in, will he? Ooh, I've outsmarted you! If I were more flexible I'd pat myself on the back!

Not so much funny, but definitely awesome in its delivery:

Loghain: "Pray our king proves amenable to wisdom, if you're the praying sort."
Warden: "And if he doesn't?"
Loghain: "Then simply pray."

Alistair has some great one-off comments that will probably make no sense at all if you haven't played the game:

You know, one good thing about the Blight is how it brings people together.

Couldn't you crawl into a bush somewhere and die? That would be great, thanks.

More crazy? I thought we were full up.

Because it hurts my manly feelings, you know.  All one of them.

If there was a sign we were desperate, I think it just knocked on the door and said hello.

Zevran is quite funny, too:

Well... let's see.  Being allowed to live would be nice, and would make me marginally more useful to you.

I've stayed away from semi-spoilers, and I typed most of those from screenshots, so I think my penance is done.  I will update as per usual tonight.  I promise, imaginary reader..!

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