Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sleep Is Death

So I just spent the better half of an hour playing Sleep Is Death, the new Jason Rohrer game. At the moment all I and my friend seem to be able to use it for is a kind of entertaining graphical IM. I can see its future applications, though, and, once I figure out how to use it, I'm definitely looking forward to learning a lot about player agency.

Unfortunately, I'm typing this on my iPhone, since it's late and I turned my computer off. I thought it might make me write less and go to sleep sooner, but the process of installing blog writing software on the iPhone - Safari can't handle for some reason - took almost half an hour. Nevertheless, this may be quite handy in future. I'll have to check the quality of the upload tomorrow.

In the meantime, I recommend Sleep Is Death, especially if you're a pixel-based artist. Your assets are shared with anyone you play with, and so on around the world, so not only would it be a great way to practice, you'd also brighten up an already fascinating narrative landscape. Two birds with one customisation, you could say.

One last question: if you could do anything in a game world, what would it be? It turns out most of my solutions involve roundhouse kicks and gun fights, which isn't really a direction I'd seen myself taking. What will Sleep Is Death show you? Hopefully a new side of yourself that's been previously unexplored. Enjoy the wonder. I hope your revelations are more pleasing than mine.

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